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Name:: Tash
Age:: 15
Location:: Australia

Likes:: FOP, TV, Johnny Depp and almost EVERY celeb, drawing, funny stuff, and watermelon!
Dislikes:: Bitches, hairy backs, old bananas, jock straps and pink! (The colour, not the singer, although I'm not too fond of her either)
Hobbies:: Drawing, my computer, Paintshop, Photoshop, watching movies with my favorite celebs and SLEEP!
Strengths:: Art, Maths, English, music knowledge and movie knowledge
Weaknesses:: Um... Elevator music!

How would you describe your personality?

Are you--
a Leader or Follower:: Nope
more Good or Evil:: Depends on the mood | people I'm around
Introverted or Extroverted:: Um... lemme look it up. Also depends on my mood, but mostly the E one.
a Bully or the Bullied:: None.
Magical or a Sceptic:: YAY! Both.

Who is your favourite fictional hero? Pfft, JACK SPARROW!
Who is your favourite fictional villain? OMFG! WHY! Either Hanibal Lecter, William Tavington or Lucius Malfoy
What do you think of the concepts of good and evil? Evil is sexy, so let's kill the good guys. Nah, but seriously, good always wins in the end, even if there are a few casulties so the bad guys need to have as much fun | killings | sexy evil lines | movie time as possible.

Fairly Odd Parents--
Who is your favourite character? COZMO ALL THE WAY BABY! How can you NOT love him, he's so adorably dumb
Who is your least favourite character? Moma Cozma! HATE HER GRRR!
Who do you feel you most relate to? Wanda. I'm always trying to tell me friends | little bro to do the right thing while trying to be fun | not explode at the same time.
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